The Importance of Online Promotion

In the following article I’d like to outline the importance of online promotion for small businesses. A lot of people, especially older, not so tech savvy ones don’t think of the internet as an important part of their line of work. But the fact is, you can benefit from it with almost any type of business you have.


There are a couple different aspects, which I will talk about here. The first one being the most obvious one.


  1. Your Own Website


Simply having an own website where people can get some information about your business or your art or whatever it is you do, can have such a big impact on your exposure and how people view you. It just makes a good impression and nowadays it’s pretty much expected to have your own website.


  1. YouTube Videos, Facebook Pages etc.


There are many existing sites on which you can promote yourself or your business. YouTube for example is a great platform. Just make a short video and upload it. The tricky part here is getting views. You can promote your video on Facebook with a public page or through your website, but unless you’re a very large business you will not get many views.

There is however a way to boost your video and get it to appear high up in the search results of Google for your keywords. You can buy YouTube views. There are a lot of website offering such views, but beware, most will sell you fake views. What you want are real human YouTube views because otherwise your video will simply get deleted and your account banned.

Here is one provider with which I personally had a very good experience:


  1. Ads


Believe it or not, well-placed ads in the internet can really make a difference. You can either ask websites related to your type of business if they want to advertise on their site or you can sign-up for services like Google ads. I prefer the latter, because you have more control and a larger audience most of the time.


You can read about it here: Google Adwords


Well, I hope you learned something and I wish you luck with your quest to promote yourself or your business on the internet.